Managing the Trial Master File

The Evolution of eTMF Software and Modern eTMF Requirements


What's In the eBook?

eTMF software has been around for a few years. This ebook examines the evolution of eTMF software, and walks through the key elements of today's fourth generation applications. 

The creation of eTMF software to support regulatory requirements for clinical trials.
Understanding the evolution of eTMF software from the first generation to the fourth generation.
The best approach to selecting a fourth generation eTMF application that's right for you.

About the Author


Ken Lownie
Head of North American Operations, Agatha

Ken’s goal is to help organizations implement easy to deploy solutions that empower business users to focus on their work, not the technology. Ken is a graduate of Colgate University and the Sloan School of Management at MIT and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Managing the Trial Master File
Chapter 2 Regulatory Requirements
Chapter 3 Four Generations of eTMF Software
Chapter 4 10 Attributes of 4th Gen eTMF
Chapter 5 Choosing a 4th Gen eTMF